Strictly for Kids Sale


Spring & Summer Sale 2021

Donna Thomas


Strictly for Kids Sale


Spring & Summer Sale 2021

Merchandise Guidelines


*Price to Sell!!! Price items to the dollar, no cents.

*Place clothing on hangers with the hook turned left.

*Pants, skirts & shorts should be secured on hangers using safety pins.

*2 piece outfits: first, pin the bottoms to the hanger and place the shirt or jacket over bottoms.

*Zippers, snaps and buttons should be in working order.

*Items with tears, stains or out of date styles will not be accepted.

*All garments must be cleaned & pressed on a hanger at time of drop off.

*All equipment needs to be completely assembled at drop off.

*Quality over Quantity. We must be very selective in the items we accept.

*If you wouldn’t buy it. Don’t try and sell it!


Merchandise Accepted:

*Merchandise accepted Spring & Summer items only.

*Girls sizes – Newborn thru Junior (00-7) Jrs. Name brands only.

*Boys sizes – Newborn thru 14.

*Shoes (In excellent condition) Sizes 0-13 & Children 1-5. Limit 3 pair. Put in Ziploc bag.

*Toys must have all pieces and in working condition.  Please put batteries in toys which require them.  Secure all pieces together with packing tape or put in Ziploc bags.

*Bedding for Babies, Tots & Teens.

*Baby Furniture & Equipment –strollers, baby swings, carriers, pack ’n play, high chairs, bounce sits & toddler beds.

*Car Seats – verify not expired or recalled.


Merchandise Not Accepted:

*Baby Cribs with adjustable rails.


*Stuffed animals.

*VHS tapes.

*Dirty clothing, toys, furniture or equipment.