Strictly for Kids Sale


Fall & Winter Sale 2019

Donna Thomas


Strictly for Kids Sale


Fall & Winter Sale 2019

Tagging Items


How To Create Your Tags

Once you have registered through our partner site “My Consignment Manager”, you may begin entering your information to create a tag for each of your items.  This system will save all of the information you enter, so you can enter items, log out, return to add more items.  You will print out all your tags.


Remember these important details:

*Do Not print on paper.

*Tags MUST be printed in NORMAL setting (Not high quality).

*Set scaling on your printer to “Fit to Page”.

*Attach tags to clothing with a safety pin (no small gold safety pins or straight pins) or use a tag gun.  Attach your tag to the tag inside clothing or a secure area of the garment.  Please don’t damage the material.

*All tags must be completed and printed when you arrive for drop off. (We cannot print tags).

*All tags must be printed through your user account with “My Consignment Manager”.  We cannot accept any other form of tagging other than our tagging system.